Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ken Uptegrove on Corrie's Alleged Word

Testimony From: Author Ken Uptegrove

I knew Cliff Dudley. He was the ghostwriter for one lf Corrie’s books. He told me he was with her and several staff members of the Passion Play in Eureka Springs when they were in a pasture where livestock for the play were kept when she had the vision of the band of angels.

The story about the vision from the airplane was not about Corrie, it was about Nora Lamb, someone else I used to know back in the 80’s. I forget now where I saw her testimony in an article. Anyhow, she was in a commercial flight when she looked out the window and saw a ring of fire from horizon to horizon. She prayed, “oh Lord show me what this place is.” About that time the pilot came over the PA system and said, “We will be landing in Tulsa in 20 minutes, we are presently over North West Arkansas at an altitude of blah blah blah.” Nora Lamb was a very successful evangelist to Chinese countries, because she is Chinese and speaks Mandarin. You may have seen the movie made about her.

Concerning Paul Crouch and Joseph Heath, I remember that he published it in his paper, the Agape Love Messenger. I wrote a lot of articles for him back then and knew him pretty well. He said he confirmed the report with Paul Crouch.

Wendy Replies: I have posted your response. Do you know the approximate date Corrie was here? According to my research no one could verify, not even Dudley's wife nor End-Time Handmaidens and the Boom foundation could not confirm anything. Also, I was told that Corrie was old and didn't travel much during the time this would have occurred.
Ken Replies: It would have been back in 1982 or 83 that Cliff told me about that, and I just don’t remember what year he said that happened. But I do remember that he said the founder of the Passion play (I can’t remember his name) was with them. All three of them have been dead for some time now, but if we could find out what year the founder died, then we could know it was before that date.

I do consider the possibility that Cliff did not tell me the truth. I was telling him about the instructions God gave me numerous times to move to this “Green Island of survival” while living in Illinois. My wife and I made several trips into this area over a two year period scouting out the area, and looking for a government agency I could transfer my job as a computer professional into (that proved to be the VA hospital). I worked at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. Cliff may have been “encouraging” me, but not telling the truth. But he seemed so credible at the time that I believed him.

Anyone who has further information with tangible evidence or testimony, please contact us.

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